Branding With Brilliance

It's a blend of incisive insight, sound strategy, innovative thinking, inspiring creativity and leading-edge tech to be the single source for everything brands need – to cut through the clutter, rise above the clamour and connect with the customer.

In General

We are keeping it simple, making it count.

Leroc is an independently owned, integrated, full-service brand consulting, communications and creative agency. We epitomize 'integrated' in every sense – combining the infrastructure, expertise and talent required to plan, conceptualize, design, produce and execute projects of any size or scale across almost every format or medium.

What we think and do results in communication, solutions and experiences that drive articulation, power agility and enhance the appeal for your brand at every customer touchpoint. We thrive on research-led customer insights, leverage the latest in equipment, operate at the leading edge of technology and have passionate people bringing it together. We do all of this for the best names across diverse industry verticals, enabling brands to strike simple, unique, and impactful conversations.

Our Services

Brilliant, by design

We imagine, innovate, and implement the entire spectrum of brand communication and experiential solutions from print to packaging, from digital to retail, from events to experiences.

Operating at the intersection where creativity meets craft and strategy meets ingenuity, we bring innovative ideas to life and help brands connect with people in meaningful and impactful ways.

Print Media

Despite the all-pervading influence of everything digital, print as a tangible and impactful medium to connect and communicate is very much alive and kicking. From advertising to brand identity & collateral, from corporate, retail & marketing communication to product promotion, packaging & publishing, and from retail graphics & direct mail to office & interior branding, bus branding and outdoor – it's print, all the way.

At Leroc, we bring years of experience, extensive expertise and a state-of-the-art print production facility. If there's anything that needs to be expressed through print, we have the wherewithal to do it, with flying colours.

Digital Media

It's a small world, and digital has shrunk it further, redefining customer expectations and how they connect and interact with brands. At Leroc, we have always been at the forefront of using technology to help brands connect with customers.

From UX & UI design to website design, development & maintenance, from social media & influencer marketing to search & performance marketing, from video & interactive presentations to AR & VR and digitally enabled experiential applications – we bring a fine blend of creativity and digital capabilities, to help brands stay current and competitive, and elevate every customer interaction.

Awards & Recognitions

Creating awards is rewarding in more ways than one. At Leroc, we have infused the process of making award pieces with the possibilities offered by technology. We design and produce bespoke awards, trophies, plaques, medals, table centres, shields, presentation boxes & pouches, business & corporate gifts, branded products and promotional merchandise.

What sets us apart is that every piece that we craft scores high on customization, while staying on point in terms of budget and brief. Backed by proven design capabilities and production infrastructure, we have elevated award making into a fine art, imbuing each product with refined aesthetics and innovative design ideas.

Retail Inside & Out

Even in a digital-first world that enables near-real interactions, the power of physical retail to offer authentic experiences is unrivalled. Leroc has an impressive track record of reimagining and reinventing the store experience for leading brands.

We have what it takes to transform your retail business from retail strategy and design (interiors, 3D artefacts, pop-up store, furniture) to in-store communications, visual merchandising, product launch & promotion (exhibition design & execution and events – we have what it takes to transform your retail business. Instead of just chasing the trend, we articulate your unique brand story, leveraging the latest in experience design and digital tech – making every customer interaction relevant, distinctive and delightful.


First impressions matter – be it on the supermarket shelf, the e-commerce site, or the consumer's hand. Going beyond shape, material or design, packaging is all about experience, emotion and perception, and it mirrors the soul of the product.

At Leroc, our packaging design expertise stems from insights into brand architecture, product range, demographics, sales channels and geography. Backed by full-service design & production capabilities, we offer print-ready artwork, structural design, 3D visualization and best-in-class printing – to elevate brand positioning and enhance the brand experience.


Experience Centers are no longer decked up showpieces; they are vital commercial assets to help brands make a statement, encourage interaction and support rewarding encounters. At Leroc, we believe in designing brand experiences that connect with customers emotionally and invest in understanding how people think, act and react.

From research to glean customer insights to design (customer journey & experience, interiors and physical environment), architecture, communications and technology, we ensure a seamless process from concept to completion – making every experience intuitive, enjoyable and memorable.

Some of our satisfied

The power of partnerships

We don't work for brands; we work with them. We see ourselves as an extended team, helping our clients achieve the full potential of growing and scaling their brands at the pace of change.

From corporate to retail and non-profit, we partner with some of the leading names across diverse industry verticals. These partnerships have stood the test of time, with some client relationships almost as old (or as young) as Leroc itself.

What Our Clients Say

This is to formally convey to you on the market feedback for the Lenovo Premium Range Catalog. Across regions we have received extremely positive feedback on the overall production quality & premiumness of the catalog. It’s been heartening to even hear the same from our channel partners. So good work, well done.

- Supriya Rath, Lenovo India

Bose, A big thank you for the makeover job and a big thanks to your team. The floor looks great!

- Johnson, IBM

Here is the testimony of our success in Lotus Electronics on Premium + Gaming category through overall 4P integration.

- Jyoti Deswal, Lenovo

Bose, I must say this.. Your team commitment towards business is fasinating. Proactively closing with a tab on all operations for a smooth experience. Hats off!

Kudos to you!!

- Johnson, IBM

Thank you so much for spearheading this solution for us at such a short notice. Words definitely are not enough but really appreciate all the efforts you always put in.

3 cheers to you!

- Abhishek Krishnan, AMD

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Our core offering is to enhance your brand's value and constantly upgrade customer experience. Our solutions are formulated based on clients' needs and the target audience. We are excited to work on new challenges and look forward to hearing from you. Click on the link below to share your contact details, and we shall get in touch with you.

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Leroc is a powerhouse of insights, ideas and innovation, driven by cross-functional teams that work cohesively and effectively – to solve critical challenges and create value for our clients.

We pack in a lot more punch than you could imagine, with none of the baggage you would expect of a typical agency – no glass ceiling, no pecking order, nothing. All you need, is to be yourself, and you will find the creative freedom, the challenging environment and the level playing field to get better at your craft and do the great stuff you always wanted to do!